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Only think, you do not have anything to lose. Review: " Poor grade rug. They’ll come to you, show you exactly what the Kirby can do, wash any area in your home for you FOR FREE!

And if you, for only God knows why, don’t like it they will take it together no strings attached. Warranty a scam " We bought an expensive Stainmaster carpet 16 weeks ago. In actuality, even with 5 people living with this carpet, it looks as good now as it did 20 decades back. We are a household of two people and detected wear problems within the initial 12 weeks. We all do is vacuum once weekly and shampoo once a year. We contacted the shop in Kansas City where we had bought the carpet.

I am aware of no other system which can accomplish that. When not getting any satisfaction out of them, we contacted Stainmaster directly. But again, you do not have anything to lose, and tens to spare. I had been advised that they just warranty against fiber retention (spin ), maybe not matting or devastating. It was one of the greatest choices I ever made. (01/15/2005) Their individual inspector stated that fiber has been a 4 out of 5 for retention therefore Stainmaster said that they aren’t responsible. If you’re purchasing, I would purchase the Hoover.

They advised us that we are required to wash the carpet with hot-water extraction every 12-18 weeks, and we’re not advised by our salesperson when purchasing. It’s all of the attachments. We had a local rug maintenance expert with 40 decades of cleaning venture out a week to wash the carpet.

I really love mine. (04/27/2008) After cleaning and raking, there was no change. I am considering having a carpet shampooer. The carpet is still discolored and totally matted. I really don’t understand what to search for. He noted that the fiber is not keeping its spin and ‘s what’s causing the issue.

If you have one, will you inform me exactly what the pros/cons of that specific machine would be? I love any input. Back to Stainmaster today using a copy of his notes, reception displaying cleaning and photos.

Thanks! Got a call from our rep , now not as friendly and nice as in the past. The soap dispenser doesn’t work properly, the tank isn’t quite large so that you have to dump the water frequently, and I don’t think it warms up much whatsoever.

She was helpless and insistent that this is not their problem. I concur that it’s good to have you round for quick clean ups, but I personally would not purchase a different Bissel (05/13/2008) We replaced carpet that has been 20 years old and it had been in better shape compared to the new Stainmaster carpet. I’d a Bissell that broke. We’ll never buy this product again.

As soon as I took it to my neighborhood vacuum repair he said he wouldn’t touch it. Title: Karen B. Told me to just purchase Hoover when I am likely to buy one. Location: Bonita Springs, FL Model: Autumn Fields.

I have had a couple of Hoovers and have my parents and his explanation haven’t had any difficulty with them besides normal wear and tear. (05/13/2008) Satisfaction Rating: Very Unsatisfied, 1 out of 5. While it’s kind of large, it does a wonderful job of cleanup. Although it’s readily cleaned, I can’t maintain it on a daily basis. It’s like the kind that you lease. We purchased Stainmaster because it’s assumed to be the ideal. The part I like is that it doesn’t only let the water place on the carpet, but sucks all of the material up.

Contacted Stainmaster directly and was advised to have the carpeting professionally cleaned. Dirt is attracted to soap, so versions that scrub and allow the filthy stuff to remain in the carpet just make matters worse. I did this and within a week that there were spots of dirt on the carpeting in every room. After cleansing, I frequently will do a second time using plain hot water simply to be certain that everything comes out.

Will never purchase Stainmaster again and won’t ever suggest it. The suction is very good on these, or so the carpet dries really fast, also. (05/26/2008)

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